An Apple a Day…

Every year Jason and I try a new orchard (because lets be honest here, Massachusetts is FILLED to the brim with orchards, so why stick with just one?!) and we ventured out to Harvard’s cute and haaa-uge Carlson Orchards for Quinns first apple picking adventure! We had a hard time deciding between a 1/2 peck and a 1/2 bushel bag of apples to pick so we took both bags with us just in case. Its a big decision folks…a 1/2 bushel is a wholllllle ‘lotta apples! Jason had his heart set on picking Golden Crisp apples while I the Gala, but we grabbed a few Macintosh because I feel like thats kind of a given when you live in New England. Jason eats more apples a week than anyone I know so Im sure they won’t go to waste.




While playing among the Mac trees, we gave Q her own shot at picking some and she picked her very first apple on her own, on her first try! I can’t even explain in words how proud she was of herself, and even though it was the worlds tiniest ripe apple, we still kept it. She looked at that apple like it was gold.

12038160_10102176375019418_8080126592569103901_nDid I mention we had the entire orchard to ourselves?!


Now that Quinn is fully mobile we thought the idea of taking her to an orchard would be perfect to run around a tucker her out. Isn’t that every parent’s goal anyways? To completely wear them out by running them hard so they sleep like champs at night?




We made it about 10 minutes in before I hear a “I gotta do it” come from Jason on the other side of the tree we were picking from in the Gala section. Of course I broke down laughing because what on earth would an adventure be with my husband without a little inappropriate humor?

Obviously my mind was in the gutter.

He meant to try an apple, as if it were completely against the rules. Who doesn’t eat an apple when they’re apple picking?! I think being hungry is a good enough excuse.

Oh. My. Sweet. Pete.

I hate to sound like Im oozing with exaggeration but their Galas were probably the juiciest, most delicious apples I think Ive ever sank my teeth into. You know they’re good apples when your daughter, who has never even held one in her hand before, spends the entire trip biting into them.


Id simply omit the fact that she’d chuck them after taking a bite if it wasn’t so adorable, but I won’t blame that on the taste. She just likes to throw things…a lot. I think I spent half of our afternoon chasing after all of the perfect apples that her dad climbed up the trees to get, but thats part of what made our day so perfect.



I have big plans for our big bundle of apples, and I should since we ended up taking home a 1/2 bushel, but I have to say this was a fun start to the fall season. Its hard to squeeze in quality time with just the three of us together because of his crazy work schedule, but we always remind ourselves of how important it is to do things like this with Q as much as we can. And Jason made it clear that I need to designate at least half the bag for him to eat, including all of his beloved Golden Crisps when I launch myself into a fall baking frenzy.

Funny guy he is.






Lets Play Catch Up!

Ha! I think its pretty safe to assume that I am a terrible blogger. How long has it been since my last post? Five, maybe six months? Oops. Summer came and life just kind of happened. And boy did it happen.

Q turned one and shortly after started walking. I remember before I became a SAHM I always said the one major milestone I wanted to see was my child walk for the first time. And then when I actually started that life with my husband working to support our family, we both said that we were happy I was home because at least one of us would be able to witness it if not both of us.

Well, we fudged that one up real good.

The day before her big birthday bash, Jason, my parents and I ventured out to get last minute food and supplies for her party while my sister stayed home with Q and her two girls. We were on a time crunch because it was 4th of July and the stores were all closing within a few hours, so we hightailed it out. We didn’t make it more than 2 miles down the road before I get a text from my sister bursting at the seams with excitement that Quinn took her first ten steps. I should have prefaced this by saying that as a supported stander before this event, she had shuffled here and there but had not officially taken consecutive steps to actually qualify as walking. So that was the time she decided to take TEN steps?! Shortly after the text we received a video of my nieces very patiently coaxing Quinn to the other side of the room.

I sobbed. My parents laughed. And then I laughed, because it just figures that would happen and thats just how my life goes.

I always think back to those first few days when she was so unstable on her feet and marvel at how quickly things change. How did we get to this point already!? Here are pictures that I took on Fourth of July and she could barely sit on the front steps let alone walk. And then several hours later she’s walking. Madness, I tell ya.

11665559_10102048568584538_7022066224934809158_n 11659226_10102048568340028_2453877735158957833_n

She rules this house and [jokingly] controls us now that she’s 100% mobile; Jason and I are on alert 24-7 and any kind of shopping that requires her to be contained or strapped in to something just doesn’t fly with her. She’s head strong and so fiercely independent that it makes my big mama heart sing and cry at the same time. Just a few weeks ago we took a walk to the post office and she insisted on walking the whole 1/2 mile on her own with no help, sunglasses, tutu and all.


Sometimes we get frustrated because she likes to pull a fast one on us during those times when we, but most of the time its so fun to watch. She’s not quite running yet, though she tries, and she knows she can’t so when she wants to make a quick and clean break for it, she crawls. Because you know, she’s like lightning on her hands and knees. Next week when the summer temps finally decide to take a hike (Im over the heat. So-o-o-o-o-o over it.) we’re taking her apple and pumpkin picking!

Sleeping has gotten better, too. She went through a brief stint when we had to co sleep with her because she would have a meltdown if we even brought her near anything that resembled a crib. We tried crying it out too but when she got so out-of-control upset that she’d throw up everywhere, we threw in the towel. Now that she’s cruising everywhere, her naps range from 2-4 hours and she’s back to sleeping a solid 12 hours, in her own bed!

The house has been making strides, though our lawn went from fifty shades of green to fifty-one shades of dead. I don’t even want to talk about it…I really should have just said its making strides inside. I told Jason the list of priorities for the spring include grass, a clothesline and a vegetable garden and I won’t take no for an answer.

Ive discovered a bunch of small antique shops in our area and yesterday a dear friend introduced me to the most amazing vintage-inspired shop tucked away in a neighboring town after we had the best lunch together catching up.

I scored these darling gold-dipped stone apples and they’re the perfect addition to my kitchen. Maybe I’ll go back for the pears since Im in full blown fall decorating mode.

IMG_0923Ive also added a few vignettes to my dining room with the help of a few sites that Ive discovered (Painted Fox, Decor Steals and Antique Farmhouse) and check for new things on the regular. Ive got a few ideas for refinishing that dresser since it makes me feel like the room just has one massive black blob in it, but I think for now I’ll just replace the drawer pulls with something a little more interesting. Those fabulous galvanized canisters are from Decor Steals and those black and white prints are actually of different Irish landscapes and castles from a very old book of Ireland that literally fell apart. I figured if the book was going to stay packed away, I may as well make use of the beautiful images.


When my inlaws sold their beautiful barn-style lake house last year, they were selling it with the furniture too (a lot of the furniture came with the house when they purchased it, including this vintage turquoise dresser) with the exception of whatever Jason and I wanted for our home. This dresser was at the top of my list along with our dining table and I still love it as much now as I did the first time I saw it. We usually keep board games and craft supplies in here and the occasional junk, because I firmly believe that every room in your home needs a junk drawer.



I like to keep a neutral palette in my home with a few pops of color, and Ive been brainstorming ideas to bring in a little more color while brightening it up in my dining room without making it look totally obnoxious. I have big plans for giving our dining table a little facelift, but the other night I was perusing World Market and spotted these beeeee-utiful tufted chairs for the ends of the table and its literally all I can think about now.


I just got an email alert today and they’re now marked down to less than $200 for the PAIR. Seriously? Drool.

I have a few other little projects going on here and there but not worthy enough to write home about since they’re not finished yet. Quinns playroom is happening real soon because the rate at which she acquires toys is out of control and one of these days Im going to break my face tripping on one before we get her playroom set up.

Sooo, thats a pretty solid update to make up for the last umpteen months of blog neglect. I’ll leave you with a large dose of cuteness overload to last (hopefully) until the next post.

11060035_10153668284922566_7296439734489628506_n 11831787_10102099541763878_4057193233030316721_n 12003260_10102160023787418_6938732864452423763_n




Q Update

A moment of confession: this blog is becoming increasingly harder to commit to on a regular basis as Q becomes more mobile so I have to apologize for the random, super long hiatuses. Speaking of which, she crawls like lightning these days! Im talking about the kind that has you crawling into bed at night with one eye open because you’re so exhausted from spending a whole day trying to keep up with her. All of you momma’s out there who have this down to a science and still make time for yourself at the end of the day without falling asleep…how on EARTH do you do it?! I suppose this is just another learning curve that comes with the joys of early parenthood.

Teething. Another joy.

I may have previously noted that she sprouted two teeth back in January, on the 30th to be exact, and I say may because its sadly been so long since I have last posted that I can’t remember if I actually did indeed note that important tidbit. At any rate, her third tooth happened to be a k-9 (is that what they’re even called?) instead of the middle two that I was expecting. I joke that she’s going to look like Sloth from The Goonies but in all seriousness, those pearly whites just accentuate her cuteness even more. With that said, my poor babe has three more following suit and all are up top. I remember when I was younger and had my braces tightened every month, I always dreaded it because the top would hurt like a mother trucker for DAYS after; this completely reminds me of what Q could possibly be going through in terms of pain.

I completely sympathize with her.

Alongside the teething we have been demoted to the long, sleepless nights category of parenting. Since Q was four weeks old she’s been sleeping a good, solid and completely uninterrupted 10 hours a night. It was perfect — I would always say that I was more tired in college than my early days of motherhood. Then I’d follow with cracking a joke about waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well it finally did about two weeks ago. We were down on the Cape for vacation when she started waking up in the middle of the night and refused to go back down unless we pulled her into bed with us. Fast forward to now and we’re still in the same boat. I know, I know. If we keep letting her crawl back into bed with us at night we’re creating a monster for down the road. Well guess what? You can sleep train, and you can let them cry it out but when she gets so worked up that she throws up then its time for a serious snuggle session with momma bear. In addition to the nighttime teething woes, naps have also been a struggle. Its amazing to see a tiny little human wake up at 6am on the dot and go go go all day with NO nap. She crawls at a speed that has you thinking something is chasing her, babbles non stop, and just when you think you’re going to get lucky with a few hours of quiet time, she fights it and keeps going. I need a nap just thinking about it! So you can imagine how much harder it is at night when the fight continues at bedtime. I laugh every time I read the label on her bubble bath–“Clinically proven to help baby sleep at night”.

Yeah, okay.  You haven’t met my kid, Johnson & Johnson.

Despite how exhausted and frustrated we are, Jason and I are taking the challenges of teething in strides because we know it’ll pass. Thankfully it doesn’t take away from the joys of witnessing everything else, like hitting major milestones. Q’s personality gets bigger everyday and she’s developing an imagination thats so much fun to watch. Crawling has turned into pulling herself up, which has turned into cruising around all kinds of fun surfaces and will eventually very soon turn into walking.

Over the weekend the hubs had to work so Q and I headed to his parents house to celebrate his dads birthday. At the end of the day when we were all chatting in the sunroom watching the babe squatting on the floor picking up every tiny little speck she could find, out of nowhere she just stood up on her own. Just like that. I think we were all in a moment of shock before we realized too late that one of us should have whipped out a phone and gotten that on camera. As much as I wanted something like that documented so I could send along to Jason to see, I was thankful to just have seen it. Its moments like that that make me so grateful for being able to stay home full time with her.  She does it more often now and its still cool to see, but I think it’ll be a little while before she’s full on walking. You can tell that she’s still uncomfortable standing on her own and she always slowly lowers herself back down. Im okay with that though. Crawling into bed at night completely exhausted from chasing a crawling baby around all day is a far cry from what it’ll be like when she’s actually full on running around the house. I hope Jetta has some good hiding spots scoped out.

All exciting and dramatic baby news aside, Ive been keeping myself busy with some big and some small diy projects around the house and Jason and I–well, lets be honest, its mostly me…ha!–have committed to taking on the daunting but exciting task of refinishing our kitchen cabinets. Woo! We have pretty much the original stain on all of the woodwork and trim in the house and its dark, so Im holding back on painting it white by finding other ways to brighten up the house. My cabinets are beautiful, but the two wood tones just don’t go very well together and I had a sudden realization the other day that the kitchen, a room that I spend a huge part of my day in, needs to be brighter.

With that, I promise to be more diligent in the blogging part of my life and leave you with the color we chose for the cabinets: Del Coronado Tequila.

How fitting. 🙂


I have a confession to make. When Q was itty-bitty and taking baths in her little infant tub, I straight up hated it. One would think that a new mom like me giving her precious, squishy little babe her first baths would be so joyous and fun. Well, joyous and fun they were not. I don’t know if it was because I let the nurses’ words of “advice” get a little too far in my head from my stay in the hospital—“keep her covered, make it quick, wash her head with this spongey-thingy and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT GET WATER IN HER EARS”—or because it was so much work, but to me it just felt more like a chore than a moment of bonding.

You’re probably right, it was the nurses.

Lets just say the tub didn’t last long and you may find my feelings a bit familiar from a  previous post. I had used it in my master bath, but the counter space was limited (and the only option since I was trying to recover with being cut from here to Timbuktu and being on my knees leaning forward was absolutely NOT happening). The up and downstairs guest bathrooms were out since there was zero counter space, and ironically the kitchen was one of the coldest rooms in the house for her to be chillin’ with her little lady bits literally chillin’. I’ll admit, most of my hate for that kind of tubby time stemmed from my paranoia that she’d freeze to death (this is coming from a gal who has to towel-dry before I even think about opening my shower door), but I’ll blame the nurses for that one too.

Turns out as babies grow, you grow out of certain feelings too. When we transitioned from that little tub to the kitchen sink with her Blooming Bath, it wasn’t so bad. Until she tried crawling out of the sink.

I feel like I have to share this kind of post today because I realized last night that not only has bath time become a favorite part of the day for both Q and myself, but that I also snap some of my best photos of her having fun in a sea of bubbles and toys. And its Monday, so I’ll go out on a limb and guess that someone other than myself needs a weekly dose of cuteness.

Im going to be selfish and say me especially, since she cried for seven hours straight today because she’s sprouting two top teeth straight from hell.

But you’d never guess it from these photos!




Our bath time routine looks something like this:

While I get everything ready (towels, water, jam jams, etc), she hangs out in her room with Jetta. Okay, so Im omitting a little bit of info. The real story is she hangs out with Jetta and tortures the poor little guy, who by the way is SO good with her in case anyone is wondering why on earth I would leave an infant with a cat. For example, here is where I rank on his shit list compared to where she ranks.

She was a tiny terror one day and kept grabbing at him while he was trying to take a nap. If you wanna know where to really grind a cats’ gears, grab and twist where the hind leg meets the belly. Youch. But all it really took that day was one real good yank on his little furry tail for him to turn around, take one hard look at her, turn and bite me on the leg and bolt out of the room. She thought it was hilarious.

I think thats where they began their lifelong friendship. And yes, we’re continually working with her on how to treat the cat with more respect, you know, for those abuse-singing naysayers who might catch the wrong idea from this post.

For the record, Jetta is like one of my own children and my sister jokes that if I could push him around in his own stroller, I would. I totally would.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 11.15.21 PM

Okay, back to the routine. On the nights that Jason is home, I get the bath ready while he gets her ready which usually consists of removing her clothes and bringing her to me to drop her diaper right before she hits the water. We’ve learned how quickly a baby can pee on you post-diaper removal and nipped that in the bud real fast. I spend a few minutes washing her up and down, she likes her hair washed the best, and then I let her play for 5 or 10 minutes. The only tears that usually happen are because of two things: she takes a handful of bubbles and rubs them into her eyes or she pitches a FIT when I pull her out.

I don’t think making her take swim lessons will ever be a problem.




Alright mom, thats enough.

I swear she inherited that look straight from my mother.


Whats your favorite part of the day? 🙂

Mental Health Break

I took quite the hiatus over the last several weeks! My husband was recently teasing me because I took a break so quickly after starting a blog but with everything going on, I felt like I needed to step back. I think it was my first real experience juggling mom-life with playdates, family gatherings, birthday parties, appointments, the teensiest bit of drama (all is good though!) and just having a life and I may have gotten a little bit over-whelmed.  It kind of reminds me of my college days actually. I used to take what I called a “Mental Health Day” a week after starting classes every single semester for four years. It was my way to regroup after seeing a monster of a syllabus before having to dive into a ton of work for the next 15 weeks; even if that doesn’t make sense, it did to me. But thats beside the point. Im back!

A lot has also happened during my little break. We got our taxes back (yay!) and composed a list of definite projects to do as soon as possible around the house. Stay tuned for a guest room and master bedroom overhaul!

Q is blowing our minds with how quickly she’s growing. She just turned nine months yesterday (NINE MONTHS!) and her checkup at the doctor went perfectly. She’s 60th percentile for weight, 87th for height and totally thriving, even with her searing hate for solid foods. Im sad that she’s not as excited about eating solids as I am, and it has certainly been the biggest challenge of my life transitioning her but as long as she’s healthy and growing then everything else will fall into place. At least I keep telling myself that. With that, comes the growth spurts. The first one we ever experienced was an absolute doozy, probably more for me than her; Q had just turned six weeks and was nursing every. single. hour. For four days! I felt like I had run a few dozen marathons during that time and it took me the same amount of time to bounce back. She’s had several growth spurts since then that haven’t seemed as bad, but Jason and I were talking the other day how the last couple she also seems to deal with some major teething. Poor babe. Im back to checking her gums every morning in hopes that her top teeth will cut soon. Thankfully, Ive got a pretty good arsenal of relief for her and without it Id be totally lost. Like this tiny little bottle of teething oil…


I picked up this stuff at a little shop called Nini Bambini, known mostly for its wellness services for Mamas, Mamas-to-be and kids. Nina Cullen is the owner and makes all of the oil blends herself for various things; the same time I got the teething oil (which makes Q smell like a spice drawer and I LOVE it), I also got the C.T.F.D spray (spritz up in the air for instant relief) for the few times that Q goes absolutely berserk and nothing else will calm her the fuck down. Ha! Get it? Their online shop (here) doesn’t include the oil blends for whatever reason, but Ive heard through the grapevine that you can call and order them over the phone.

Speaking of growth spurts, I have to share what I find is absolutely hilarious. I laugh because its really my way of dealing with the fact that my baby is getting too big.

I always ignored being judged as a parent who put bumpers in her child’s crib. We all grew up with them and turned out just fine. Of course, I still keep a close eye on Q while she’s sleeping (I bless and curse our video monitor at the same time) and if I had any inkling that she would tangle herself in the bumper then I would have taken it out of her crib. But she sort of took care of that for me anyways. Its funny how her sleep habits so closely resemble mine and her dads: on her side, curled up in a ball, faced buried into something that she’s holding on to dear life for. For instance, Cornelius, her flimsy little giraffe.

IMG_1894   IMG_4859

Naming your child’s stuffed animals comes with the new joys of parenthood. And also kind of lets you be a kid again.

So Cornelius was a great sleep buddy until Quinn wanted more. She somehow gravitated over to her bumper and started using it as a body pillow with one arm and one leg draped over the top. I regret not snapping a picture of this the last few times I got a chance to witness such hilarity because she squeezed the bumper so tight one night that she literally ripped it right from its strings.


I could just as easily sew it back on but Ive found that she does just fine without it in her crib anymore. But so long, beautiful, soft, delicate bumper. Maybe I’ll have it made into pillows for her room. 🙂

We also took a day trip yesterday out to visit some gals that I used to work with. I managed a beauty and wellness store just outside of Boston and promised I would visit regularly so they could all see Quinn. (Click here if you’re a sucker for good product.) Well, me too but we all know how babies rank on the popularity scale versus their mamas. The reason I mention this is because I was asked the same question again yesterday by two different people that I was by my cousin last week while he was working on my car.

“Do you miss working?”

This seems to be the golden question after you give birth and inevitably don’t go back to work.

I miss my store and I miss my staff. I miss the relationships with customers that Ive acquired over the years of working in the retail world. I don’t miss the commute but if thats the only negative then Id say I had a pretty good job. So why not go back? As much as I loved my job, I love being home with Quinn much more. I 1000%% commend working mamas (most of my friends are) and although I have some really tough days at home with Q, I make an extra effort to not complain about those times because I know not every parent can be home full time with their sweet babies. Here is how I discovered living on one income and going out of your mind talking to babies and pets all day while doing a million other things to keep your house looking semi-normal is totally worth it: that moment when you see your child discover her feet for the first time


or pull herself up to stand


or call the cat over by smacking her lips and tapping her leg (yes, she learned how to do that from watching me and it is absolutely hysterical), you would spend the rest of your life home with your child to be the one to witness those moments instead of someone else. I’ll eventually go back to work, but for now I’m having fun being a housewife and watching Quinn grow 🙂

Not Your Average Pancake

One of the many features that Q has been blessed with from her daddy is being a picky eater. When we switched from breastfeeding to formula, she took it like a champ. In fact, she was happier! So when her doctor gave us the green light at her 4 month checkup to start some solids, we were pretty stoked because breastmilk wasn’t keeping her full for longer than a couple of hours and I thought it would give me a chance to pump and stock up. That was a bust, because as I noted in a previous post, my boobs are assholes.

Anyway, we started with the usual rice cereal for a few days, then moved on to the one-vegetable-at-at-time thing. After a while we discovered that not only did she have a searing hate for utensils, her lack of love for pureed foods accompanied that. I was uncomfortable with this because I wasn’t sure I was mentally ready to start giving her actual solid food yet and expressed this feeling with her doctor, so he suggested starting on the rice puffs that dissolve in her mouth. Of course, being the paranoid new mom that I am, I thought even those were too big so I munched on the outer edges of them (they’re shaped like stars) to round them out before I gave them to her. She loves them (so do I) but its not meal-appropriate and she needed something more healthy and substantial.

Since then, we’ve slowly introduced an array of solid bite-sized food for her to munch on; bread with fresh strawberry jam, chicken (she’s obsessed), bananas, scrambled eggs, french toast, etc. But veggies are still a challenge for me because I have a hard time cooking them to a point where they’re still a solid for her to like, but mushy enough so she can swallow it easily.

This is where pancakes come into play. She LOVES them. Im convinced that if she were placed on a deserted island with a lifetime supply of pancakes, she’d be happy as a little clam. The other day I made pancakes and some oatmeal for her lunch. Every few bites of pancake, I fed her a spoonful of oatmeal. She caught on quickly after a few minutes and only wanted the pancakes after that. Little bugger.

So I had to find a way to incorporate veggies into her favorite foods. Like pancakes.

This isn’t by any means something that I feed her 24-7. Im aware of the sugar content in the mix, even though it only calls for a tablespoon, so I stick to making them once or twice a week and freezing the extras that she doesn’t eat. 

Its pretty simple, really. Take your favorite pancake mix (would work with waffles or crepes too!), a pureed vegetable, and combine the two. Thats it! Last week I tried blueberries. This week I was a little more adventurous and did carrots.


1 1/2 carrots, peeled and diced

1 egg

1 cup of flour

3/4 cups of almond milk

1 tbs of sugar

2 tbs of vegetable oil (coconut oil works too)

2 tsp of vanilla extract

3 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp of salt


Cook vegetable until soft. Any method will do. Next puree it in a blender or food processor and set aside. We have the Beaba Cook Pro food processor (here) and love it because it steams, defrosts and purees the food. I could have easily used my own food processor or blender but I tend to use a lot of garlic in my cooking and the smell is permanently stuck; something I don’t want bleeding unnecessarily into Quinn’s food.

In a medium bowl, whisk the egg until light and frothy. Add milk, vegetable oil and vanilla. Place a sieve over the bowl and sift flour, sugar, salt and baking powder into the mix and whisk until smooth. Lastly, add pureed vegetable (or fruit!).

Lightly butter a hot griddle and pancake away!

When the pancakes were slightly cooled, I broke one up into tiny little bite sized pieces and fed them one by one to Q. She’s still not able to pick up food from her tray and feed herself, and the food that she does pick up usually just gets mushed between her fingers and thrown behind her. I have to get on my hands and knees to find what she’s disposed of because it blends so easily into the Belgian oriental rug in our dining room, ha! Its amazing that she’ll put everything under the sun in her mouth, except food.

I have to say, as weird as carrot pancakes sound, they were actually pretty delicious! Jason thought it was a bit unusual, but I’ll do anything to get her to eat her veggies, even if that involves a little trickery.

Big Girl Bath

Friendly reminder: There’s most likely going to be a lot of posts on here about not being able to handle how quickly Quinn is growing so hold on tight for me please.

A couple of nights ago I decided it was time to graduate her from bath time in the kitchen sink to upstairs in a proper tub. I didn’t want to; if I could keep her small forever so she could take a bath in the sink I would. But when her legs are dangling out of the sides and she’s trying to crawl into the other half, or even worse out of the sink, the move had to be made.

We were given an infant tub as a gift that I would just put on the counter in our master bath which was great when Q was fresh out of the womb itty bitty and her bath time didnt consist of a lot of water. But as she got older and wanted to stay in longer, we transitioned to the kitchen because I found that the water in the infant tub would get cold too quickly, and as someone who towel dries in the shower and huddles in front of the heater to get warm, I wasn’t about to be the one to let her freeze while I washed her. I was also still pretty sore from my cesarean and it hurt to bend over for long periods of time so it made sense on more than one level to hold off on the bathtub.

The transition happened around the same time that we traveled to Pittsburgh for a friends wedding at the end of last summer, and I didn’t want to lug her tub with me and impose on our friends whom we were staying with, so I went ahead and bought a Blooming Bath flower (depending on where you prefer to shop, you can find it here, here and here or here) and declared it the best. thing. ever. Thank you Pinterest!!


For those of you wondering what it was like to drive 9+ hours with a 2 month old…Q was a better champ than we were.

Heres why I love the flower: its super soft and was big enough to protect Q from bashing her head against the sides of the sink, because you know, she’s totally in the head bashing phase right now.

Im not joking. She came down on my face so hard one day I was convinced she broke my nose.

The flower also wrings out really nicely and can be hung to dry without it smelling like mildew. I usually wash it every two uses on a gentle cycle then throw it in the dryer on low heat. It holds up to a lot and Im pleasantly surprised that a petal hasn’t ripped off yet. Definitely worth the forty bucks.

The flower obviously made the journey upstairs with Quinn and made a great mat for her to sit on in the tub so she wouldn’t slip. I think it also helped her transition because it was something she’s so familiar with, which I was thankful for because the first time I set her down into the tub her beautiful huge eyes got even bigger and she freaked a little. Don’t even ask what she did when I turned the faucet on to fill the tub a little more.

Guys, this is madness! How is my baby big enough for a tub?!




Guess Im going to have to invest in some bath toys now. I won’t admit how excited I really am about that part.

At least she thinks the bubbles are delicious!

Jail Break

The past month or so Q has been hitting me with some major whammy’s in the “Baby’s First’s” department:

First crawl — backwards. But who cares, a crawl is a crawl!

First voluntary bite from a spoon — short lived, but this is monumental in our house. She’s got major beef with utensils for reasons I’ll never know.

First wave goodbye — its extra adorable because she’s actually waving at herself.

First teeth — yes, that is plural for holy shit. She sprouted two pearls of perfection after a solid five months of drool, teething rings and oil, tylenol (for those endless nights of screaming) and bib after bib after bib. And my goodness they’re tiny weapons of mass destruction. Im convinced she sharpens them at night while we’re sleeping.

All of these are the tiniest of things that reduce me to tears on more than one occasion; things of which my friends who haven’t been blessed with their own littles yet won’t completely understand until it happens to them. I know, because I was once one of them. Im pretty cool with her growing up as a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kind of gal; I think its a pretty great character trait in a world full of all too serious phonies. But Im not cool with the whole growing part.

Not yet.

And then a couple of nights ago when I was playing around with my in-laws DSLR camera (Sony a55) in the nursery, THIS happened.



To be honest, I didn’t even know what to do or say, so I yelled (well, okay, I screamed) downstairs to Jason and kept snapping pictures while Q tried to escape her crib. He walked in and busted out laughing while I tried to hold back yet another set of dramatic mom tears. To all of you wonderful first time momma-to-be’s: if you think for a second that your emotional roller coaster comes to a halt once your baby is born, you are off your pretty little rockers. Newsflash, it gets worse so you might as well invest in a lifetime supply of waterproof mascara.

The determination this child had to stand up and support herself was unreal. You can literally see the strain in those darling little fingers!


She managed to pull herself up again and last a couple of minutes chatting away at nothing special. And then she fell backward and thought everything in the world was so downright hysterical that she laughed about it for a solid five minutes. I hope that never changes because the world needs more laughter.


Its become common for Jason and I to talk about how insane and terrifying it is that she is growing so quickly. Theres something new about her daily, and I sit more often than not staring at photos of her and her first days with us.







Jason says I torture myself by doing it, mostly because I almost always end up shedding a tear (shocker). Its amazing how you can grow a tiny human (or alien invader, depending on your mood) inside you within a 10 month span and then in that same amount of time they morph at lightning speed into a babbling, mobile, full of personality and LIFE little being.

Ive been putting off going through her drawers and closet for a while now to organize and pull out clothes she’s grown out of, but thats only because Im avoiding a complete meltdown. Last time I thought it would be fun to compare her newborn sizes with her fresh new six month sizes. It was not fun. It was stupid. I ended up huddled on the floor in a ball a babbling mess. Now she’s rapidly growing into nine month sizes. What is this madness?!


I won’t lie, these photos give me baby fever again. Like fresh, snuggly newborn (without the bleeding boobs part) kind of fever. But, one of the best pieces of advice we’ve been given by dear close friends is to wait until Q is potty trained before we think about another one. Thats such a brilliant point that I never thought of because diapers aren’t cheap, and when you sit there with your husband throwing Rock Paper Scissors to see who gets to clean up the next major up-to-the-chin blowout (yes, that happened and no I don’t wanna talk about it), the last thing you want is to be juggling TWO blowouts. So for now I’ll just torture myself some more with the photographic timeline of Quinn’s growth, deal with a couple more years of baby fever and go through the painful process of lowering her crib again.

Should be pretty easy, right?