Cast Iron Skillet Bread

Say what?!

When I was younger my mom used to make bread all the time. White. Wheat. Applesauce. Totally delicious. Come to think of it, Im pretty sure she still makes it but mostly for the holidays. I remember one Thanksgiving a few years back my siblings and I decided to take her fresh homemade bread and throw it in the deep fryer after the turkey was done. To say that she was less than pleased that her beloved bread was fried is a severe understatement.

Side note: If you’ve never had deep fried turkey then you are seriously missing out.

Anyway, for years now Ive wanted to make my own bread but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of another small appliance (i.e. bread maker) and all of the old-school recipes I had ever discovered required a lot of work for someone like me who was just in the experimenting phase. So while I was perusing Pinterest the other day I just happened to stumble upon the most brilliant idea Ive ever heard. Easy no-knead bread in a cast iron skillet seemed almost too good to be true. Easy? Easy?! I like easy. Im a new mom. I NEED easy. I also like Rosemary and olive oil so I was winning all across the board that day.

Here my friends, is the recipe I found. I had to give major props to the person who came up with this because it really was that easy. Mine didn’t come out as pretty; it didn’t brown as well and I didn’t have any fresh Rosemary on hand so the color as a whole was lacking a bit. I could have left it in the oven for longer to get that golden brown color but as a first time bread maker I didn’t want to take the chance  of drying it out so I left it in for another five minutes.


I got a little nervous when I felt the outside after pulling it out of the oven. It was a little crustier than Im familiar with on bread but that worry subsided pretty quickly when I took a knife to that baby. The warmth and aroma that busted out of that bread made me want to stand with my face over it all day long. The inside reminded me of a Focaccia bread but less compact and it was DELICIOUS. I may or may have not eaten a pretty significant portion of that loaf with a massive bowl of dipping oil.

I guess you’ll never know. 😉

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