The Perfect Bow

The day we found out we were having a girl was the day I went nuts over all things girly. Well, that was the official day the doctors told us that my husband was essentially outnumbered and in trouble. About six months pre-birth, I was diagnosed with short cervix–nothing super dangerous, though I scared the crap out of myself googling way too often–therefore I was deemed as a high risk pregnancy and had to pay a visit to the Maternal Fetal doctors twice a month for the next three and a half months. On one of our first visits, one of the doctors was examining me via ultrasound (I had ALOT of those) and asked casually if we wanted to know the sex. That was an obvious yes, but wasn’t it too early? He noted that it was still pretty early but that he was good at guessing, just don’t go crazy buying a bunch of gender specific things if he did tell us. Long story short, he guessed a girl, the nurses all told us he at a 97% success rate of guessing and four weeks later it was confirmed that we were in fact having a girl. Impressive Dr. Katz. Very impressive.

Of course that day Jason and I decided to hit the mall and buy something small and feminine to celebrate. I had an inkling that we were going to have a girl–the 24-7 morning sickness felt like the worlds worst hangover, the female:male ratio in my family is pretty strong, and honestly, I just felt it. Anyway, we ended up buying more than just a small something and most of that consisted of hair bows.

Fast forward to about a month ago as I was perusing Instagram I came across the most darling crocheted hair bows handmade by a girl named Tish. She sells these via her website (here–you won’t regret it, I promise) which she just converted her stock over from Etsy, and boy does she sell them. I waited very impatiently up until a week ago to get my hands on one of these bows; she lists them every Monday at 9pm on her website and they usually sell out in the first 10 minutes. The first time I ordered (I sat at my laptop for 20 minutes waiting for her site to go live) one of the bows that I went to order was literally swiped out from under me in the checkout process—three minutes in. I couldn’t hate…I was one of probably a hundred plus moms who wanted to snag one.


As you can see I was obviously able to get some. The first time, I ordered the light pink and lavender because I thought it would be a while before I could get more. Besides, Q needed more than one color anyways and they were only $9 so why the heck not. That was a special listing on Friday. Monday rolled around and I loved how they looked on Quinn so much that I ordered the peach and lemon ice which Im totally in LOVE with. Are these not the perfect colors for Spring?!

IMG_4619 IMG_4623

This particular photo is of her Annabelle style bows with the thin headband. She makes an adorable thicker head wrap style with the same type of bow thats much more popular and sells a lot faster. One of these days I’ll get my hands on one of those as well. They’re made of super soft yarn and although the band doesn’t have a stretch, she makes them at the perfect size so your littles can get at the very least a few months out of.

image2 image1

Hey look, they also make great sleep masks! 😉


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