Nursery Refresh

One thing Im guilty of is getting bored with spaces too quickly. My parents always joke about when I was younger, they would come home from work and a new color would be painted on the walls in the kitchen, or the living room would be re-arranged. This happened on more than one occasion over the course of my junior and high school years. What can I say, I liked to take advantage of my creativity, and as long as my parents were okay with it (they were), I was going to continue doing it.

Obviously, I took that habit with me when I moved out and now my husband has happily assumed the role of teasing me about it. Much like my parents, this doesn’t surprise him anymore.

One night after a bottle and story time, I was rocking Quinn into her sweet slumber as I was observing the walls in her room. In the past eight months I had already re-arranged her furniture every which way possible and now I was bored with her walls, one in particular. When I originally decorated her nursery, I ordered a custom print from a cute little shop on Etsy (here) that specializes in typography and hung it in a silver frame over her crib.


Hard to tell (another reason why I decided to eventually replace it) but it says ‘Q is for Quinn’. Cute right? The other two frames are 3-D butterfly cut-outs. I still like this trio and will probably relocate it to the downstairs front bedroom when I eventually convert it into her playroom, but as of right now I just feel like I needed something a little more eye-catching on that wall. Hence, my newest project!

After lots of research and thought into what exactly I wanted, I went ahead and ordered a custom 24″ wood monogram from (THIS) adorable little shop, of course, on Etsy.


As you can see, it came unfinished and is why my dining table turned into Craft Central. Totally fine, I like the freedom of choosing my own color. Bold move painting on top of a beautiful wood tabletop right? I like to take chances. Well, the real reason is because my table in the sunroom was already being used for drying clothes that can’t be thrown in the dryer.

I picked up an 8oz bottle of basic acrylic paint at Michaels (here) and a large spool of wire ecru ribbon. The sponge brushes I already had kicking around the house. The plus is I didn’t need to prime the monogram; the acrylic paint has a pretty decent opacity but the monogram did need two coats. After it dried for a few hours I started to attach the ribbon so that I could hang it. Thank goodness for staple guns!

The monogram received the Jetta Seal of Approval last night 🙂


I waited until this morning to hang it because Q was already sleeping by the time I finished and I wasn’t about to go marching in her room with a hammer in my hand. Taking down the other frames was also more work than I anticipated, so it all kind of worked out.

I’d say this definitely freshens up her wall. It takes up less room than the trio of frames but I actually like the open space around it. I think it leaves the monogram and that to-die-for crib the main showcase in her bedroom and I went with a light pink instead of purple to well, break up the rest of the purple.



Im so glad I went with a single letter monogram versus the traditional one with three initials.  One of my goals with decorating her nursery is using pieces that she can eventually grow with and then take with her when she’s older.

Q wasn’t all that interested. Learning how to crawl is obviously more exciting.


We’ll see how long I last before I start re-arranging again. I’ve got another small project for her nursery coming tomorrow!

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