Big Girl Bath

Friendly reminder: There’s most likely going to be a lot of posts on here about not being able to handle how quickly Quinn is growing so hold on tight for me please.

A couple of nights ago I decided it was time to graduate her from bath time in the kitchen sink to upstairs in a proper tub. I didn’t want to; if I could keep her small forever so she could take a bath in the sink I would. But when her legs are dangling out of the sides and she’s trying to crawl into the other half, or even worse out of the sink, the move had to be made.

We were given an infant tub as a gift that I would just put on the counter in our master bath which was great when Q was fresh out of the womb itty bitty and her bath time didnt consist of a lot of water. But as she got older and wanted to stay in longer, we transitioned to the kitchen because I found that the water in the infant tub would get cold too quickly, and as someone who towel dries in the shower and huddles in front of the heater to get warm, I wasn’t about to be the one to let her freeze while I washed her. I was also still pretty sore from my cesarean and it hurt to bend over for long periods of time so it made sense on more than one level to hold off on the bathtub.

The transition happened around the same time that we traveled to Pittsburgh for a friends wedding at the end of last summer, and I didn’t want to lug her tub with me and impose on our friends whom we were staying with, so I went ahead and bought a Blooming Bath flower (depending on where you prefer to shop, you can find it here, here and here or here) and declared it the best. thing. ever. Thank you Pinterest!!


For those of you wondering what it was like to drive 9+ hours with a 2 month old…Q was a better champ than we were.

Heres why I love the flower: its super soft and was big enough to protect Q from bashing her head against the sides of the sink, because you know, she’s totally in the head bashing phase right now.

Im not joking. She came down on my face so hard one day I was convinced she broke my nose.

The flower also wrings out really nicely and can be hung to dry without it smelling like mildew. I usually wash it every two uses on a gentle cycle then throw it in the dryer on low heat. It holds up to a lot and Im pleasantly surprised that a petal hasn’t ripped off yet. Definitely worth the forty bucks.

The flower obviously made the journey upstairs with Quinn and made a great mat for her to sit on in the tub so she wouldn’t slip. I think it also helped her transition because it was something she’s so familiar with, which I was thankful for because the first time I set her down into the tub her beautiful huge eyes got even bigger and she freaked a little. Don’t even ask what she did when I turned the faucet on to fill the tub a little more.

Guys, this is madness! How is my baby big enough for a tub?!




Guess Im going to have to invest in some bath toys now. I won’t admit how excited I really am about that part.

At least she thinks the bubbles are delicious!

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