Sweet Tooth – Part 1

I have a love hate relationship with Pinterest. Here’s why:

We use it at the beginning of every week to put together our food shopping list. With all of the downright craziness in our lives, it’s hard to sit and figure out what we really want for dinner the nights that Jason is home. For that, I love.

Then theres all the other free hours, minutes and seconds of the week when I get completely sucked into the world of dream closets, DIY’s and super adorable must-have baby products and before I know it, I’m whipping out my credit card and burning yet another hole in my bank account. I love and hate that.

Okay, so the spending isn’t that bad, but it sometimes feels like it is. I suppose I should wait to feel bad when Jason starts saying something about it. Ha.

This time, I’ve been paying particular attention to the food boards and fueling my inner cookie monster. I find it totally weird that I’m more hungry with more bizarre cravings than ever now than when I was pregnant. So when I stumbled upon a pin for homemade pop tarts, I may or may not have pinned it more than once. Check out this recipe by Smitten Kitchen. Pop tarts always make me chuckle a little for the sole reason that when we were younger, for whatever reason, my brother used to pronounce them as “parp tart”. Come to think of it, I think he still does. And you don’t have to make him say it five times fast!

Anyway, I usually stick straight to the recipe when Im making things for the first time, then if it comes out as nothing special, I’ll tweak it to my liking. However, I did tweak this one a smidge. For example, a tablespoon of sugar turned into a heaping tablespoon and a teaspoon of vanilla extract just makes everything better. As a girl who orders a white mocha with 2 pumps of caramel, 2 raw sugars and a huge handful of vanilla powder on the regular, Im no stranger to sweet. I like sweet.

I made two batches; one with nutella filling and the second with chocolate. See? SAAA-WEET. I always opt for the Ghirardelli baking bars when I make anything chocolate and these I melted in a double boiler with a little butter. IMG_4467

The dough is the usual song and dance…flour, sugar, salt and extra cold butter. I stash sticks of unsalted butter in my fridge like theres no tomorrow, but I threw a couple of sticks in the freezer to make them easier to dice. And into the food processor everything went. Of course, I could have just hand mixed this myself, but theres a high I get when I pulse food with a super sharp, super fast blade. I find myself fishing for excuses to use it for everything. It makes food prep so easy!

In the spirit of the impending spring season (come onnnnnnnn Spring!) I whipped out my flower cookie cutter because you know, I thought flower shaped pop tarts would be AWESOME.


Awesome they were not.

The flowers were hard to assemble and ended up falling apart or looking like a big mound of yuck, so I settled for the traditional rectangular tarts and they came out adorable!


These are about half the size of the store bought Pop Tarts so with that comes half the guilt of eating one! The glaze is super simple to make too. I mixed 2 parts powdered sugar to 1 part water and added the tiniest drop of red food coloring. They can be enjoyed at room temperature, but I prefer popping (get it?) them in the toaster oven for a few minutes. Ive already had three.

Im obviously not sleeping tonight so I may as well cruise the pin boards for some more yummy recipes. Or baby stuff.


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