Liquid Gold

For the past few years I’ve been a BB Cream user through and through. I’ve never been able to find a foundation that sits well with or rather, on, my skin. A few hours in they tend to get really cakey (if thats not a word, it is now!) and it highlights all of the imperfections that Im trying to hide. I touch my face a lot too out of terrible habit, and the foundation seemed to just completely disappear the second my hands came in contact with my skin.

I first really discovered BB Creams when I got a pretty generous sample of Dr. Jart+ Waterfuse Beauty Balm in my Birchbox and LOVED how it felt and even more how it lasted on my skin. It didn’t feel heavy, and it covered my redness and blemishes just enough without looking like I dumped ten pounds of makeup on my face. I eventually switched to the Black Label Detox which was equally as good, but I felt like it left a purple-like tint on my face sometimes. Could have been the lighting in my house but its always easier to blame the product.

Then I was introduced by a dear friend to the Skintone Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream at Kiehl’s when I became pregnant with Q and my skin went from tolerable to downright wild. I couldn’t say better things about that product, especially since it was formulated with Vitamin C and SPF 50. The second I got an inkling that I was running low I would be back in Kiehl’s in a flash to replenish. But since I’ve become a stay at home mom, I haven’t been able to restock it as easily as I’d like since the closest Kiehl’s counter is 40 minutes away at Nordstrom.   I could just as easily order it, but for this odd reason I hate buying makeup online.

One day, I was scrolling through Instagram while Q was slumbering away and I came across a post from a lifestyle blogger who I follow about Bare Minerals’ new Complexion Rescue cream. I figured since I had pretty much run out of anything remotely tinted to put on my face a month ago, I would give something different a try. My face was longing for an even complexion, even if I spend most of my days hanging just with Q. Jason noted the other day that my makeup looked nice but why put it on if I wasn’t going anywhere, and I simply responded, “Because it makes me feel more put together”, which is true. I hate schlepping around in my pajamas all day. I was also headed out the door the next day to see a movie at Patriot Place with Jason (American Sniper is a must see by the way), so it was a great opportunity to stop by Ulta and check it out.

I prefer buying my makeup at places like Ulta or Sephora so that I can test it first, but something like a BB Cream or Foundation is a bit hard to really tell how good it is just by swatching it on the back of your hand. I obviously liked how it felt, and the price was certainly considerably less than my usual Kiehl’s cream, so I bought it.


I don’t really know why I never used Bare Minerals before and I’m not even sure what I should classify this product as. Is it a BB Cream? Tinted Moisturizer? Foundation? Who cares, its AWESOME. The bonus is that it comes in 10 shades and is formulated with SPF 30.

The brush is actually really helpful too. Ive always been a finger-application kind of gal when it comes to any liquid form of makeup; sponges are huge black holes for wasted product and garner TONS of bacteria. I found that when I applied this liquid gold to my face and blended it with the brush, it covered everything evenly with the lightest layer possible. Im a believer of foundation brushes now!

Some might ask, you’re a mom now, how do you even find the time to do your makeup? Two things: Q goes down for a 45 minute nap about two hours after she wakes up in the morning so I take that as my opportunity to pull myself together for the day, get pretty and stuff some food down my throat. And I’ve proudly mastered hauling ass when it comes to hair and makeup. I’ve left most of my shame within the four walls of the hospital that I labored Quinn in, so most of the time I don’t even give a crap what other people think of my appearance.

Im pretty sure I went an entire day running errands last week with sweet potatoes in my ear and only realized it when I was taking my earrings out before I went to bed that night. Whoops.

With that, I’ve cut down on my usual beautifying routine. I still religiously wash and care for my skin twice a day (6-step skincare system, WHAT?!) and I think I have that to thank for being able to use such limited products now and look decent as a result. Now I only wear this beautiful blend of awesomeness, a little concealer (MAC Studio Finish is my weapon of choice and lasts forever), and some mascara (Mally is my current fav). Of course every now and then I’ll brush on some bronzer (ever so lightly since lets be honest, Red Heads look RIDICULOUS with a fake tan) or cream blush.

These products are just the tiniest dent in my arsenal which is scattered all over my house; just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I still can’t be a product junkie!

The baskets in the little nook in this previous post? Those are both full of product too. 🙂

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

Bare Minerals Smoothing Face Brush

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