Nursery Makeover

One of the first things I wanted to tackle on my NOW List was Q’s room. We closed on the house 2 1/2 months before her due date and I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me so I wanted to get it started as soon as possible.

This room was actually the little boys room of the previous owners. The yellow paint was the first to go. It wasn’t the sunny type of yellow that instantly puts you in a good mood. It was the putrid, sickly kind that actually does just the opposite. Pair it with the dark wood trim and it was just overall depressing. The windows face south and are much smaller than our first floor windows so the amount of natural light is pretty limited. That being said, I wanted something light and fresh and because I knew exactly what I wanted for furniture, that meant the dark trim had to go too.

IMG_1172 IMG_1173

First, my parents came down for a long weekend visit and I contracted my step father Mike to help me out with my vision for Q’s room. Off to Home Depot we went!



10327170_4145287087605_1242041172_nCheck out that bump! Hi Quinn!

Early the next morning, Mike was out in my garage happily sawing away wood to install a custom chair rail in the nursery. The project took all day for three reasons:  because the house is old, the walls aren’t exactly square in some rooms, so extra steps had to be taken to make sure the rail sat flush against the wall and left no gaps. Secondly, as Mike was streamlining the rail with the window sills, he discovered that the window framing didn’t have any insulation. You could actually see straight through to outside. No wonder why her room was so cold! And lastly, he likes to take his time 🙂

Next he swapped out those god awful “modern” sconces near the windows. They just weren’t going to work with my vision, so in the garbage they went.

When the heavy work was done, I jumped right into painting. We decided on the new Valspar Reserve paint that you can find at Lowes for a few reasons. It has a stain blocker, primer, rich color and zero VOC’s. I’m not exaggerating when I say the application is like painting your walls with BUTTER. I started out with painting the trim which took some light sanding then two coats of primer and two of semi-gloss. Then I tackled above the chair rail. It was looking so much brighter already and this photo was taken at night! The color is Frosted Clover for all of you muted purple fans.


Another perk about having primer in your paint is that if you get it on the wood floor, it peels right off after it dries. I hate drop cloths in case you’re wondering…


If I had a choice, her furniture would not have been in there while I was painting. But RH delivered it in the middle of my project and because they offer white glove service with assembly, I didn’t have a choice. Or anywhere else to keep it.

When all was said and done, we finally had a nursery!



Its funny that I knew exactly what crib and dresser I wanted but took me forever to find a rocker. We finally found this one at Bernie & Phyls and had it custom upholstered in this fun fabric! It didn’t arrive until a few weeks after Quinn was born which was okay because I couldn’t do stairs for that long anyways.


We decided on getting her toy box and this bookcase at The Mill Store and I stained it in this muted grey. We like the idea of lower shelves for Q to be able to reach. We might regret it later when her middle name becomes Destruction.


This watercolor painting was a special gift from my husbands grandmother, Natalie. We have another in our kitchen from her as a wedding gift that she painted of a scene in my hometown.


And of course, I couldn’t just go with a plain old nightlight. How fun is this flamingo?!

Since the makeover, new stuff has been added and things have moved around a bit and back again but thats an old habit of mine that you can confirm with anyone who knows me. We love to spend time in here now and after six months of co-sleeping and a week of camping out on an air mattress, she’s finally sleeping in there on her own. With the help of a humidifier and white noise machine (best purchase ever).




I think Quinn is happy with the outcome, too 🙂

Crib, Dresser and Moses Basket-RH Baby and Child

Rocker– Bernie and Phyls

Bookcase and Toy box-The Mill Store

Rug- Target

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