Hey there! My name is Amy and I suppose you could say Im totally new to this blog thing. My life has recently been turned right side up and Ive gone from workaholic to a full time stay at home mom. Life-changing would be an understatement.

My entire day consists of playing and snuggling with, singing to and nurturing this little beauty of a daughter, Quinn.


Let me just go on record by saying that I’m a little tone deaf. But Q doesn’t know that. So we’re good. Somewhere between the million diaper changes, feedings, snuggles, cleaning, cooking, heaps of laundry  and endless little projects to make our house a home, I find myself scratching my head at the end of the day wondering how it all goes by so fast. I grew up thinking staying home from school or work and riding the couch with the tv on all day was so boring because I had nothing to do. THAT IS SO NOT THE CASE NOW. Being a mom really does make you appreciate any free (quiet) time you can get. Even if its huddled in your closet folding socks.

I’ve been happily married to this guy for the better part of 6 years, together for 11, and yes OF COURSE we celebrate both anniversaries. Mainly because sometimes we joke that we each deserve a medal for putting up with each others occasional crap. Hey, its not a solid marriage if everything is always ‘perfect’ all the time.


We’re a pretty laid back couple who shares a love for Boston sports, craft beer and watching Quinn grow like a weed on steroids. We’ve also done our share of traveling the world together. Jason nervously in the most hilarious way ever proposed to me on the Amalfi Coast in Positano, Italy. I think my reaction was one for the books though, but thats another embarrassing story for the day after never.

So heres what pretty much brings me to starting a blog. After searching for four straight months smack in the middle of the holiday season (we were both retail managers at the time. Just let that sink in…) for the perfect little house to start our family (I was pregnant too. Sink some more…) we finally found the most charming little gem tucked away in a quiet little part of New England.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 5.16.23 PM

 Bless our realtor’s heart for helping us find this little green treasure because we had her showing us houses high and low, to timbuktu and back, mostly in towns we didn’t even know we really wanted to live in. Sixty houses to be exact. Pam is a saint and now Im never moving again. Ever.

Ever have that moment when you look up at your house and just think, “I REALLY love this place.”? We have those moments every time we pull into our driveway. And leave. And go to sleep. And even stub our toes on our monster of a stair banister in the middle of the night. Over the span of about nine months since we bought this house, had construction crews upgrading, moved in, painted, hosted a shower and had a BABY, we’ve been adding to our two lists of To Do’s: Five Year Plan and NOW. In a perfect world where disposable income was the norm, the interior designer in me (I have my bachelors) would have all of this done within the first year of moving in. But thats obviously not normal. So we’ve made a list of priorities and spread out our projects.

Im hoping this blog will grow into a sort of timeline of mini projects that we managed to squeeze into our beautifully hectic, daily life to create a home for Quinn, while caring for her, that I can eventually hand over to her when she’s older.

This is our little slice of heaven we like to call Linwood.

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